Monica’s Mother’s Day Shoe

Yet another Mother's Day shoe made for a friends Daughter.

I made this shoe for my friend Laura’s daughter,  Monica.

I cut a piece off a Marabou feather boa…  just like you would see on a fancy bedroom slipper!!!

Don’t forget; if you click on an image you will get a larger view.

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4 Responses to Monica’s Mother’s Day Shoe

  1. Well, it looks like you figured out how to get that picture from your email to your blog! Now everyone can see how fabu it is! Love the red and touches of black drama. Let’s see some more of these!

    • Ha! Looks like I left this comment for myself but I didn’t. I remember now! My sister was signed in under my password and left this lovely comment. Thanks Sis!

  2. Denise says:

    oooo pretty!

  3. ‘Thanks so much beautiful ladies!

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